Under the stars of Paris, Chiffon Boy, DNA … The films to see or avoid this week

To have

A secret life , drama by Jon Garaño, Aitor Arregi and José Mari Goenaga, 2h27

In 1936, Higinio escapes Franco’s troops. This Republican militant is forced to shut himself up at home. Civil war is in full swing. He hides behind a partition. His wife, Rosa, keeps up appearances on the outside. The couple stick together. His wife becomes pregnant. You have to lie. Outside, the executions are linked. The clandestine buries himself, observes the visitors through the keyhole. Time flies by drip. The film is divided into chapters. It is a very difficult case. The directors got down to three to process it. We do not know how they divided the work, but they give this chronicle of confinement an impression of darkness and true history. Thanks to Antonio de la Torre, who is a bit of the Iberian Piccoli, and to the gentle, brunette Belén Cuesta, this anecdote which is not one, which is not isolated, takes on a strange beauty. Their solitudes rub together like two flints. Sparks light up this interminable Buzzati wait. This in camera enumerates the whole range of feelings.

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Boy Cloth , dramatic comedy by Nicolas Maury, 1h50

Nicolas Maury looks back on his first feature film as a director, moving, serious and light, Rag boy. The story of a “Repair”, according to the sensitive-hearted actor. That of Jérémie (Nicolas Maury himself) whose mad love for his spouse (Arnaud Valois) is marred by his sickly jealousy. Left, mad with grief, he decides to return to his mother (Nathalie Baye) in the provinces. A way for the director to look at his roots. Nicolas Maury also criticizes the world of cinema by showing Laure Calamy, his partner of Ten percent, in the skin of a hysterical director (delicious sequence).

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Under the stars of Paris , dramatic comedy by Caus Drexel, 1h30

Under the stars of Paris features a Parisian tramp used to sleeping under the bridges of the capital. This Christine didn’t say a word at first. Mutic and resigned, she lives between a small room in the Paris town hall located under the metro. One rainy evening, a frozen kid sneaks into his den. This young migrant named Suli (formidable Mahamadou Yaffa) is separated from his mother. These two lonely beings, rejected, tame little by little. Christine will get it into her head that Suli must absolutely find her mother before she is expelled from France. The film then falls into a kind of race against time. The cinema enters the dance, with its procession of suspense and action. Catherine Frot is formidable as a celestial tramp à la Michel Simon. She grabs her role with full hands, ignores her appearance. She teared up tears and held the story on her shoulders. Drexel films the poor of Paris as if they were the greats of Spain. Under the stars of Paris turns out to be a funny and terrifying crossing of Paris. Of course, some will say that the fable is sewn with white thread. But it is fair and touches the heart without falling into frenzied commitment or sustained miserability.

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Breathless , drama by Jean-Luc Godard, 1h30

Breathless could have been shot yesterday by a gifted person for whom cinema would be as easy as pie. It is the first film by Jean-Luc Godard. It would be the only one that the director would have written his name in history. Belmondo steals a car in the port of Marseille, kills a biker on the national 7, arrives in Paris to collect the money he is owed, wants to sleep with a little blonde in a T-shirt who sells the New York Herald Tribune on the Champs-Élysées. Jean Seberg is radiant. Bébel runs his thumb over his upper lip to imitate Humphrey Bogart. He complains all the time about loving a woman who is cowardly. What follows will not prove him wrong. There is everything in there: astonishing freedom, roosters on donkeys, false connections, crackling dialogues, a quote from Faulkner, the capital in all its seams, the famous line: “Can we pee in the sink?” ” Hat screwed on the head, tweed jacket and cigarette in the beak, Jean-Paul Belmondo revolutionizes the way of playing without paying attention to it. In 2020, this miracle remains intact.

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You can see

DNA , drama by Maïwenn, 1h30

In DNA, it all starts with the joyous chaos of a family reunion in an Ephad. Maïwenn stages Snow, her heroine (embodied by herself), divorced and mother of three children, lost in the turmoil. The first twenty minutes are presented as a collection of stolen moments, a series of endearing Polaroids, which reconstruct a funny and slightly crazy puzzle. This family has all the characteristics of a dysfunctional family, while moving forward as one man. Once the ancestor is dead, the storm breaks out. Hell of a thousand and one scabrous details (do you have to buy a cardboard coffin, covered with a white inner canvas …) forms a Stations of the Cross as much linked to family quarrels as to the administrative paperwork that arises in the face of grief . This sense of detail captures the real in its essence. Fanny Ardant as a toxic mother is jubilant. And the sparkling and funny character embodied by Louis Garrel brings a comic lightness. But by tightening the focus on Snow in the second part, Maïwenn loses the group effect. Refocused on the quest for origins, the DNA of a woman torn apart by her muliculturalism, the film delves into a demonstration that borders on narcissism or self-fiction à la Christine Angot.

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We can also see

100% wolf , animated film by Alexs Stadermann, 1h35

Freddy Lupine and his family are ordinary humans. But as soon as night falls, they become werewolves! On his fourteenth birthday, Freddy expects to transform for the first time. But the evening of his initiation, here he becomes… A cute little pink poodle!

The Craft – The New Witches , horror film by Zoe Lister-Jones, 1h35

The introverted Hannah arrives at a new high school. She befriends three other comrades. Young women begin to practice magic and summon the most powerful spirits in order to turn their dreams into reality.

Vortex , fantastic drama by Christophe Karabache, 1h23

A desperate killer leaves the city and crosses paths with a mysterious witch intimately linked to nature. Thus begins a strange organic relationship, between life and death …

Alive! , documentary by Alex Ferrini, 1h30

Alive! offers new elements of answers through very moving testimonies of people who have experienced physical and mental regeneration.

The Good Grain and the Bad , documentary by Manuela Fresil, 1h34

In a happy little band, they dance, laugh, have snowball battles, but where will they sleep tonight? In a station hall? In an accommodation center? In France, no child should ask these questions.


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