UK becomes the 3rd best study abroad destination for Indian students

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The United Kingdom has witnessed a massive jump in the number of Indian students enrolling into its universities. Yet myths about it, such as its high cost of living and extreme cultural shock, discourage many students from applying to UK universities. Hop on a debunking journey and scroll down to cross out these misbeliefs.

Home to some of the world’s top universities, such as Cambridge and Oxford, the UK is one of the most popular study abroad destinations out there. In fact, a survey conducted by iSchoolConnect reported that the UK was the third-best choice of the surveyees for a study abroad destination.

However, stereotypical myths about studying in the UK, powered by misconceptions and forwarded by word of mouth, hold back many aspirants from choosing to study in the country. Edtech companies in the study abroad field are assisting aspirants by providing credible information, dispelling myths and enabling them to pursue their dreams.

To assist students in pursuing their dream of studying in the UK, these myths must be tested against the weight of genuine facts. Discover why the country is still a favorite destination among international students, irrespective of so many misconceptions.

The weather anxiety

The weather in the UK is mild and wet. However, a lot of scaremongering goes around to deter international students from applying to the UK universities.

Surrounded by the sea, the UK does receive large amounts of rainfall, but that doesn’t mean it rains everyday. Temperatures are rarely extreme, but vary according to the season. Students should pack a diverse wardrobe to navigate through different seasons.

Studying in the UK will burn a hole in your pocket

Studying abroad, in general, is an expensive affair. While there is no denying that studying abroad in the United Kingdom is costly, it is also true that thorough research and planning to identify inexpensive options, as well as keeping to your budget and not going overboard by eating and socialising at expensive places, will help students sail through the costs smoothly.

Also, while we’re talking about the cost, it is comparatively cheaper to study in the UK than in the US. Students may also check out the many funding options available to assist cover their overall costs, through grants, awards, internships and even part-time employment.

The culture shock

Culture shock is an unavoidable element of anyone’s move across borders. Due to variations between cultures, customs, traditions, habits, and other factors, this is bound to happen. However, the UK is a melting pot of cultures. The country is a cultural hub of many international communities and carries its own rich history. Students get to interact with people from different ethnicities, and get to learn about the rich heritage of the country through museums, galleries, etc.

Owing to these factors, many students choose to study in the UK, to imbibe the true cosmopolitan spirit.

The food problem

Contrary to common belief, the UK has an abundance of Indian food options. Thanks to the cosmopolitan culture, one can enjoy a wide range of cuisines in the United Kingdom. People in the UK have a liking for Indian food which is reflected in the growing number of Indian restaurants. Students can find a lot of vegetarian/vegan ingredients stacked in supermarkets as well.

Also, learning to prepare a few easy dishes is an excellent way to satisfy a yearning for native food while also reducing the cost of eating out.

Hard to make friends

Despite popular perception, studying in the UK is not a lonely experience. Every year, the country attracts a diverse pool of students, flying from different parts of the world. Studying in the UK provides students with an opportunity to make friends with not just UK natives but also with people from other countries of the world. This adds to the cosmopolitan profile of the students and makes them culturally diverse and accepting individuals.

Perils of studying in the UK

The UK is home to several international communities and students fly from different parts of the world to study at UK universities. This overwhelming diversity makes the country a safe and secure place to live, study and pursue a career. As for the rest, be it the UK or any other country, people do weigh all the inherent dangers of everyday life. So, students just need to pack this wisdom along with them.

Leap over myths

The UK remains one of the top study abroad destinations and for all the right reasons. The country has been evolving to accommodate the needs of international students. Remember, studying abroad is going to call for hearsay on several aspects. But we urge students to seek for trustworthy information and leap over myths.

The writer is Founder and CEO – iSchoolConnect)

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