Ubiments launches “Samsung Pay” service

Ubiments announced the expansion of the benefits of the payment services it provides to its customers by introducing a service Samsung Pay For the first time in Kuwait, which can be used in payment transactions through the online payment gateway, as a confirmation and reinforcement of its role and leadership in the field of electronic payment services.

The founder and chief operating officer of “Ubiments”, Ali Al-Habashi, said that this service will be launched in the field of e-commerce through the company’s electronic payment portal in cooperation with the National Bank of Kuwait, the leading bank in Kuwait and the region, explaining that the service is compatible with all operating systems and major browsers (whether Mobile or desktop), as well as on mobile applications, allowing users of Samsung phones and watches to complete payments smoothly and quickly.

Dardab and Samir Shehab from “Ooredoo” with representatives of POS

In a press release on the occasion of the launch of the new service, Al-Habashi expressed his happiness with the launch of this new feature to enable customers to use a wallet Samsung Pay Finance for mobile phones to conduct payment operations, stressing the important and effective role of the company in facilitating online shopping and buying while ensuring high levels of security, taking into account the factor of speed and efficiency, stressing that this event is a step with a great impact in the field of developing and developing the concept of electronic shopping in Kuwait, It supports and enhances the experiences of the company’s customers and their customers, and encourages a larger segment of companies to move towards e-commerce, especially after what the world witnessed in light of the pandemic Covid-19 finally.

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