Two years after his stroke, Alain Delon will make his comeback in the form of a major interview

The Samurai has agreed to answer questions from journalist Cyril Viguier. In this portrait titled Alain Delon facing the world, which will air in June, the actor will look back on the news, his career and, according to the JDD, will announce a final film project.

Since his stroke in 2019, Alain Delon had not officially reappeared in public. Today, his health recovered as his daughter Anouchka had suggested a few months ago, the Samurai decided that it was time to return to the front of the stage. Sunday Newspaper reveals that the actor has decided to sign his media comeback in a long filmed interview, titled Alain Delon facing the world, which he granted to journalist Cyril Viguier, the current presenter of Grand Journal of the Territories on TV5 Monde (to which we also owe a portrait of Jean-Paul Belmondo).

This documentary should take the form of a large portrait of the life and career of the French actor. If the place and the dates of the filming of the interviews remain shrouded in the greatest secrecy, Cyril Viguier has however let it filter that the questions asked to Alain Delon would relate to cinema as well as to current affairs.

In recent months, Alain Delon, without ever appearing, had however shown his many admirers that his health had significantly improved. In June 2019, he made a point of saluting the memory of his friend who died on “super cop», Roger Borniche, whom he played in 1975 in Cop story. Sentimental and nostalgic, it is in his nature, he said: “I come out of my silence for Borniche. I didn’t want there to be just a few lines in the papers. I wanted to pay tribute to him. We were very close, 50-year-old friends. It pained me a lot to learn of his death this morning.With these tender words, the Samurai was already announcing, in his own way, his eternal return …


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