Two sisters mistakenly exchange their grooms

A wedding in India witnessed a strange mingling, as two sisters accidentally exchanged the groom after a power outage, according to the British newspaper, The Independent.

The newspaper said that the incident occurred at a wedding ceremony held on Thursday in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh and received great attention in the country after a media report on the ceremony spread on social media.

She explained that the strange mixing occurred after the power was cut off from the ceremony, which the father of the brides decided to organize to gather the weddings of his son and three daughters all on the same day, according to the wedding invitation.

strange mixture

According to a relative who attended the ceremony, the three sisters wore the same wedding attire and covered their faces with a veil, in keeping with local traditions, when they arrived for the wedding rituals, but when the pre-wedding ceremony began around 9pm, the town suffered a power outage and two of them ended up Of girls sitting with the wrong grooms.

The newlyweds performed a number of pre-wedding rituals with the wrong partner before family members realized what was going on.

The older brother said that the bride’s hand was given to the wrong groom due to a power outage, which he described as “a common occurrence in the village.” He added, “They did not exchange wreaths or wedding vows, but the confusion occurred for one of the rituals.”

He stated that the village does not have suitable electricity towers, and that the incident showed the seriousness of the problem of frequent power cuts for the residents.

Otherwise, he added, the ceremony “continued as planned”, with wedding vows exchanged with the appropriate grooms as soon as the electricity returned after midnight.


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