Two mistakes in the accident of saving the suffocated child

The Palestinian Observatory for Verification and Control of Professional “Kashif” commenting on the video in which a Palestinian girl suffocated with her parents while they were in a state of terror at the moment she was rescued in a health center, confirmed that the clip is old, and dates back to March of the year 2019, and its publication included two errors.

The observatory indicated that «the doctor Mujahid Nazzal, who works as a doctor in the al-Hakim Medical Complex in the town of Qabatiya, Jenin district, published a video clip of the moment he rescued a young girl who almost died of suffocation due to swallowing an object, and the doctor did not mention in his publication the date of the accident.

Incident history

The observatory said, “This publication by Dr. Mujahid Nazzal included two errors: the first was that he did not clearly refer to the date of the incident, and the second was that he did not consult the family before publishing the video, and he requested permission from them because he is directly related to them, and embodies humanitarian moments for the parents of the child.”

The Observatory said that it followed up on this case by contacting the mayor of Qabatia, Bilal Assaf, who confirmed that the video is old, as he contacted the doctor after honoring him and confirmed that the incident is old, and Assaf indicated that the family’s dissatisfaction with publishing the video without its consent, or putting it in the publication image, He visited the family to talk to them and address this issue, before it escalated.

He added, “The publication received great interaction and circulation among users and social and news pages, and it was later found that the video is old and dates back to March of 2019.”


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