Two brothers kill their entire family and then commit suicide

Two brothers killed four of their family members in Texas before committing suicide, in a crime they committed in implementation of an agreement they concluded, according to local police. The bodies were discovered, on Monday, by the city police of Allen after receiving a report from relatives with concerns after one of the brothers posted a farewell message on Instagram, but the incident most likely occurred on Saturday evening, according to the authorities.

Farhan Tawhid (19 years) explained in his message that he had concluded an agreement with his brother Tanweer Tawheed (21 years) in which they exchanged the promise of “suicide after killing the entire family,” according to what the spokesman for Allen Police, Sergeant John Feeley, told local media.

The victims, the descendants of Bangladesh, were identified as the father Tawhid al-Islam (54 years), mother Irene Islam (56 years), grandmother Atf al-Nasa (77 years) and the twin sister of Farhan, Ferben Tawhid (19 years).

The two brothers had been suffering from psychological disorders for years, according to Farhan Tawhid in his letter, which was published in the “Washington Post” newspaper. Farhan himself suffered from depression since his middle school education years, and his condition finally deteriorated despite the help provided by the family. An informatics student at the University of Texas at Austin recounted that he had been evicted from his student residence in recent months after he said he intended to kill his family.

On his return to Allen in northern Dallas, his brother found Tanweer in “depression and social anxiety.” The two brothers finally decided to kill the entire family before committing suicide. Tanweer Tawheed recently bought a weapon legally, according to police. In his letter, he ridiculed the measures aimed at controlling arms sales, saying that he had lied and confirmed that he would not suffer any mental disorders, which allowed him to acquire a weapon.


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