Twitter stops verifying accounts again

Twitter surprised its users by announcing that it would stop verifying its users’ accounts again.

The company justified its decision that it wanted to have sufficient time to implement the amendments to the application for obtaining the documentation as well as to review the applications, but it did not talk in detail in its statement about the nature of the work it is doing.

“For those who have been waiting to get their accounts verified, we know this may be disappointing, we want to make things right and appreciate your patience,” she said in the statement.

The company did not specify a specific date to start accepting authentication requests again.


The famous tweeting site re-authenticated the accounts of its users last May for a short period, and then closed it about 8 days later, and Twitter justified its behavior at that time by being busy receiving authentication requests, and the company continued to implement the accumulated requests until June.

In May, Twitter announced new standards for authenticating its users’ accounts as part of activating the site’s new authentication program and reviewing requests from users in this regard.

The importance of verifying accounts on Twitter and placing the blue badge on them is that it is one of the ways to distinguish genuine accounts that are of great interest to the public, as it gives people on Twitter more context about the people they are chatting with so that they can determine whether They were trustworthy, which contributes to the health of conversations, according to the site.

Eligible Categories

The company has identified the categories that are eligible for authentication: government accounts, companies, brands and organizations, news organizations and journalists, entertainment, sports and games, activists and organizers and other influential individuals.

In addition to the eligibility criteria for the categories previously described in the Twitter verification policy, the account applying for verification must be complete, meaning that it has a username, photo, confirmed email address and phone number. The account must also have been active within the past six months and have a history of complying with site laws.


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