Twitter celebrities are preparing alternative plans in anticipation of losing followers

Elon Musk’s decisions and the uncertain future of Twitter are worrying the stars of the social network, who fear losing their followers.

The celebrities mentioned the addresses of their official accounts on other sites to enable their fans to move to them in the event that they lost their pages on the platform with the blue bird.

Wassim Hayek receiving the award

US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was the first to initiate this step, tweeting through her account, which is followed by 13.4 million users, “As an alternative plan, follow me through my Instagram account, as I personally manage the page similar to my Twitter account. Or you can subscribe to the e-mail service, through which I will inform you of all the social platforms that I will join.

The future of Twitter is no longer guaranteed and has sparked controversy since Elon Musk took over the administration and made decisions, starting with the dismissal of employees and ending with reactivating the account of former US President Donald Trump on the platform.

The owner of Tesla and SpaceX, who acquired Twitter a few weeks ago, hinted at the imminent end of the platform by publishing a picture showing a grave with the network’s logo on it, before tweeting Sunday, “Twitter is alive.”

Musk’s move was enough to raise concern among users of the most popular platform among the 237 million daily active users on it, about losing their followers, whose numbers took several years of continuous activity on the platform to increase.

And these network celebrities had previously had to understand the idea of ​​an imminent loss to verify their accounts, which was free and intended for media personalities, in the event that they did not pay the eight dollars a month imposed by Musk to verify the accounts.

Twitter, a much smaller network than Facebook (1.98 billion daily users), TikTok (more than 1 billion users) and Snapchat (363 million active), is a major place for celebrities, media and companies who sometimes content themselves with this platform to communicate.

The co-founder of the “Ethereum” platform, Vitalik Buterin, did not hesitate to direct his users to alternative social networks, and said: “Let the best social networks win and there will be several winning platforms.”

“In the coming months, Twitter will definitely become a taboo for celebrities,” said Lauren Pecheneg, founder of an agency specializing in social networking and crisis management for personalities and major brands.

And she continued, “The atmosphere on Twitter has always been seen as unhealthy, and in addition to that, the platform has now become controversial … I think it will witness the departure of large numbers of it.”

In the field of fashion, a major brand and one of the famous personalities has left the platform since Musk acquired it.

French live-action video game player Antoine Daniel deleted his Twitter account, which dates back to 2012 and has 1.2 million followers.

He explained that the reason was his desire to “maintain” his mental health.

He added, “The atmosphere there is really horrible.. It’s like hearing everything passers-by think in the streets.”

As for the people who enjoy more popularity on the platform, “their fans can move to other platforms, that is, in the event of the demise of Twitter, their fans can follow them on different platforms,” according to what was explained by the director of the French Digital Communications Agency, “Conversational”, Robin Collet.

“If Twitter disappears or becomes a chaotic platform, I will keep my posts to publish a book one day,” Dumare told Agence France-Presse. And this is how I realize I wrote a lot of tweets!”

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