Twitter categorizes botnet accounts

The Twitter platform plans to add a way to differentiate robots and other automated accounts, and it is finalizing plans to restart the long-suspended verification program.

The company said in a blog post: It plans to provide a new type of account for robots next year, identifying it as an automated device.

According to the company, bot accounts can bring a lot of value to a service, but it acknowledged that it could be confusing for people if it wasn’t clear that those accounts were automated.

The company wrote: It may be confusing to people if it is not clear that these accounts are automated, and we plan in 2021 to provide a new account to distinguish between automated accounts and human-managed accounts; To facilitate introducing people to robotic accounts.

Twitter has faced years of demands from disinformation researchers to reveal more information about the bots that have been used to amplify influence operations and make some narratives appear more popular across its platform.

It began asking developers to identify bots as robots in March, but resisted pressure to implement a specific classification, saying in May: Calls to classify robots do not solve the problem we’re trying to solve.


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