Twentieth deceased in the seventies owned his house

A 70-year-old man filed a lawsuit with a law firm, claiming that his wife deceived him and made him sign papers relinquishing his house in her name, under the pretext that she wanted to secure her life, due to her fear of his children who object to his marriage to her, as there is a big age difference between them. And after five months had passed, he was surprised that she had filed a marriage annulment case against him, and showed before the Personal Status Court that she hates him, and is ready to return the dowry.

Legal waiver

The legal advisor, Saleh Al-Ghamdi, confirmed regarding the husband’s incident with his wife, that this is a legal waiver, as it was claimed that he wrote the house in her name willingly, and this is considered legal.

He added: “3 procedures have been adopted in all courts and notaries, which summarize the documentation of the assignment of the inheritance without linking that to emptying the relinquished property, because of the resolution of the dispute, given that it is not possible to encompass all the notables of the estate, and regarding the jurisdiction of the first notary public to document the assignment of the inheritance shares The rumor in real estate, and that the notary issues a deed to that, and marginalizes what he made on the property deed, then sends it to its source to marginalize his record. ”

The Three Actions

It is noteworthy that the Minister of Justice has directed the adoption of the three procedures, the first stipulating that the second notary – and whoever does its work – certify the assignment of the inheritance shares and the mutual division of the legacy that is fixed and transferred, provided that the notables are mentioned from the inheritance – according to the parties’ acknowledgment – while not refraining from Documenting the assignment of all known and unknown legacies.

With regard to the second of the three procedures, provided that the instrument is handed over to the assignee, and it is based on the transfer of the assigned share and emptying it according to it at the competent notary public. As for the third procedures, the Minister of Justice directed the action of the previously issued general assignment instruments in the estate, based on what has been settled. Guidance in it.

The Minister of Justice stressed that the three procedures should not prejudice the right of the stakeholder, from instituting his case before the competent court in the event of fraud or fraud.

A 70-year-old man filed a lawsuit with a law firm.

He claimed that his wife had deceived him and had him sign assignment papers in her name.

The wife did that under the pretext of securing her life and being afraid of his children.

After five months of marriage, a marriage annulment case was filed against him.

– She showed before the Personal Status Court that she hates him and is ready to return the dowry to him.

A legal advisor confirmed that this is a legal waiver.


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