Turki Al-Sheikh interacts with the case of Abdul-Khaleq Al-Ghanim

Director Amer Al-Hamoud, Chairman of the Entertainment Authority, Turki Al-Sheikh, appealed to the director of the series “Tash Ma Tash”, Abdul Khaleq Al-Ghanim, who suffers from prostate cancer.

Al-Hammoud said on Twitter, directing his message to Al-Sheikh: “The owner of white hands and support for all creative people is His Excellency Sheikh, my colleague and brother, the creative director Abdul Khaleq Al-Ghanim, who participated with me in directing Tash Ma Tash. His illness, may God heal him and heal him, and that you are the cause after God, glory be to Him, in his recovery. ”

Turki Al-Sheikh responded by tweeting: “I wish you an hour, I wish you a means of communication”, so Al-Hamoud wrote another tweet in which he said: “When he says, present .. yes, present, with all that he has to do good, only in my country does the citizen sleep while he is concerned, I love everyone. Contact the dear director Abdul Khaleq Al-Ghanim from the office of His Excellency, and it is now in safe hands, after God.

Al-Ghanim’s Journey

Abdel-Khaleq began his artistic career in 1992 by directing the series “A Fishing Trip, which was followed by Waiting in 1993, and Al-Kharrash in 1994. And the madness of money in 2006, and our neighborhood is sweet in 2008, and it was silent in 2010, and from the other in 2012 and it happened to you in 2012. On the other hand, Abdul Khaleq Al-Ghanim appeared as an actor in the series Shwaya Meleh, which he directed in 2002.


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