Treatment programs are not suitable for people with dyslexia

While the general educational methods and methods of reading are represented in the symbolic, holistic, interactive or integrated method, the academic specialist in learning difficulties at King Saud University, Dr. Khaled Al-Mahraj, explained that these methods are not suitable for teaching children with dyslexia, as they need special methods to help them overcome this problem.

The best way

Al-Muharj says, in line with the research expansion in the theoretical field to explain the phenomenon of dyslexia and the causes behind it, research and studies began to find the best appropriate methods and methods that can be used to overcome the problem of dyslexia, and multisensory activities Teaching Methods appeared. In short (VAKT), where the letter (V) refers to the word (Visual) meaning the sense of sight, the letter (A) to (Auditory), which means the sense of hearing, the letter (K) to (Kinesthetic), which means the sensory-kinesthetic, and the letter (T) to ( Tactile) i.e. the sense of touch.


He indicated that the researchers indicated the inadequacy of many treatment programs used in the English language with Arabic-speaking children with dyslexia, due to the difference in the nature of the Arabic language and the systems used in it. One of the problems of children with dyslexia in the Arabic language is the auditory distinction between solar and lambs. The lunar or the visual distinction between the distraction at the end of the word or the linked ta, or the distinction between dotted and non-dotted letters, and research indicates that the Arabic language has its own peculiarity that differs from other languages, especially English, on which a lot of research, studies, methods of diagnosis and treatment are based on children who Suffer from dyslexia.

Sensory channels

Al-Muharj explained that the method of multisensory education (Approach Multisensory) is based on the learner’s need to use the largest number of sensory channels he has in the learning process as it enables him to learn better. This method is known as “one of the educational methods used in working with children with learning difficulties. », And this method works to solve the child’s problems by using his various senses in the training processes, and it is believed that the child will be more amenable to learning when he uses more than one of his senses, and in these methods requires the learner to utter the word, and in this the use of the sense of hearing, and that He looks at the word and uses the sense of sight, and that he traces the word and in this is the use of the sensory-motor ability, and he uses his finger to point to the word and follow it, and in this use the sense of touch.

Methods for adopting the multisensory method (VAKT)

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02 Orton-Gingham

03 Stern

04 Carbo

05 Writing Form for Reading

06 Slangerland


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