Travel ban for suspects in foot amputation case

Moaidh Awad Khuzaym, the father of the patient Awad Moaidh confirmed, Victim of neglect by Dhahran Al-Janoub Hospital The result was the amputation of his right foot, that he submitted an official complaint to the Ministry of Health against the hospital and all those who participated in the neglect of his son, and confirmed that a number of doctors and specialists were prevented from traveling and leaving the country until all investigations are completed and results are shown.

The patient’s father had submitted an official complaint to the health, and confirmed that a specialized committee had been formed to investigate all the specialists and doctors who participated in the treatment of the patient “Awad” since his admission to the hospital until he was transferred to King Khalid Hospital in Najran, and the investigation was completed in full, and it will be referred to the affairs health care in the Asir region.

Hospital statement

He indicated that he was contacted by an official at Dhahran Al-Janoub Hospital, stressing that the ministry asked the hospital to provide a statement.

Awad Khuzaym demanded that his son Awad be quickly transferred to Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Medical City or King Faisal Specialist Hospital to continue his treatment and rehabilitation, and to secure an artificial limb for his right foot, which was amputated above the knee, as well as to rehabilitate his son psychologically as a result of the trauma he suffered, which had effects A great negative, demanding not to be negligent in holding the negligent accountable and to compensate his son in full for all the damages he sustained, and to take care of his treatment until he leaves the hospital. He said: “I have full confidence in the officials and our rational government that it will take full rights of my son.”

amputation incident

Regarding the details of the incident, the patient’s father said: “My son had an accident in Dhahran Al-Janoub, and he was serving a number of members of the army, who were almost unemployed with gasoline. He was standing between the two cars, tying the rope to pull their car, and God forbid that a car came from behind and collides with them, and he was He was detained between them to suffer fractures in his leg and cuts in the arteries and veins, and he was transferred to Dhahran Al-Janoub Hospital, and an artery transplant was performed for him, and God decreed that he spent about a month in the hospital, and there was negligence from the hospital, for its wrong diagnosis and negligence in not transferring him, and his urgent transfer, and the We procrastinated a lot until his leg was poisoned, eroded, contaminated, and infected with bacteria, until what happened. Unfortunately, we did not find a response from Asir Hospital or Khamis Mushait, and all that I was told was that he would be taken to the outpatient clinics, to be examined and returned again surprisingly, when he arrived in Najran and was He was diagnosed well. They told us that an amputation was necessary, unfortunately, and Moaid Awad demanded that all negligent people be held accountable, and those who caused the amputation of his son’s man, demanded to compensate his son and ensure his treatment and rehabilitation in the largest hospitals.


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