“Transport” continues to implement the road linking Al-Sail Al-Kabeer and Riyadh – Taif

The Ministry of Transport and Logistics continues to implement the works of the road project linking Al Sail Al Kabeer and the Riyadh-Taif Expressway, which is 28 km long and includes 3 lanes in each direction, as part of its efforts aimed at improving the quality of the Kingdom’s roads and upgrading all services provided.

The project aims to increase the capacity of receiving Umrah pilgrims from 8 million to 30 million, shorten the average flight time between (Jeddah and Makkah) to Riyadh and the Eastern Province, improve the road infrastructure, raise the efficiency and effectiveness of the performance of the transport sector, and the level of safety Traffic to facilitate the transportation of pilgrims and pilgrims from the new Taif International Airport, reduce traffic congestion on the current road, shorten the road for those coming to Makkah from Riyadh and the Eastern Province, divert trucks coming from the central and eastern regions and keep them away from entering Taif, in addition to benefiting from the fully implemented parts, and upgrading quality of life.

The project is divided into three phases. Work is under way. The completion rate in the first phase is 42%, with a length of 8 km. The completion rate in the second phase is 40%, with a length of 15 km. The third phase of the project is still under award, with a length of 5 km.

It is worth noting that the Ministry of Transport and Logistics is working to achieve the objectives of the National Strategy for Transport and Logistics, to enhance the quality of life in Saudi cities by providing highly reliable means of transportation and a high level of safety and quality. Reducing the delay rate in the implementation of road projects by about 10%, in order to move forward with the expansion of the road network through which the Kingdom is the first in the world in its interconnectedness according to the Global Competitiveness Forum.

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