Trading: promising opportunities to encourage listing in the stock market

The Director General of the General Administration of Markets in the Saudi Stock Exchange “Tadawul” Muhammad Sulaiman Al-Rumaih said: The market always seeks to provide new opportunities for exporters to enhance their performance. Al-Rumaih added, according to a statement from Tadawul yesterday: that a series of interviews were launched with the listed companies. In the Saudi market, with the aim of creating communication channels between local and foreign companies and investors, he indicated that the listed companies have performed remarkably well, and are now witnessing remarkable prosperity and progress, to take advantage of the promising opportunities provided by listing in the Saudi financial market, and the Saudi Stock Exchange launched a series. Among the interviews with listed companies under the title «Company Story», which aims to highlight many success stories and achievements of listed companies, by hosting representatives of these companies and discussing various topics, including the role of the Saudi stock market in enabling listed companies to continue their growth, according to the head of the Capital Market Authority Dr. Muhammad al-Quwaiz, there are misconceptions among some that the Capital Market Authority controls the offering process from beginning to end in such a way as to restrict the behavior of company owners, and he made it clear that the authority’s regulations are known. As a legal procedure, the Authority requires companies wishing to offer part of their shares to prepare in advance and prepare the company’s conditions, and a period of 12 weeks is given to companies wishing to offer in the main market and 8 weeks for those wishing to offer in growth. The financial advisor and the principal owners are based on the investors ’evaluation of the company.

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