“Trade” topples the largest cheating den run by illegal workers south of Riyadh

The supervisory teams of the Ministry of Commerce overthrew one of the largest fraud dens, run by a resident of Syrian nationality and another of Egyptian nationality who work for their own account. The source, after a follow-up and monitoring that extended for more than a month and a half.

The inspection teams, in coordination and cooperation with the joint security campaigns in the Riyadh region police, were able, after monitoring and investigation, to set up an airtight ambush that led to the detection of the violating residents’ use of illegal labor, their use in fraud operations and the filling of poorly made detergents in containers bearing well-known brands. To deceive and mislead consumers about its quality.

The ministry closed the violating warehouse and referred those involved to the competent authorities to apply the legal penalties against them in accordance with the anti-commercial fraud system and the anti-cover-up system.

During the operation, which began at one in the afternoon and extended until three in the morning of the next day, the teams were able to seize and confiscate more than 2,000,000 packages of adulterated detergent, cartons and labels bearing counterfeit brands, prepared for the purpose of packing and distributing quantities in the local market.

And 4,430,000 masks were seized ready for sale, mask threads, cloth rolls and masks packages prepared for packing, and did not carry the country of origin, in addition to machines mixing and filling raw materials for adulterated detergents, electric generators, aromatic oils, machines and tools used in fraud and counterfeiting.

The Ministry of Commerce affirmed its keenness and interest in protecting consumers, and not tolerating the imposition and application of legal penalties for those involved in fraud and counterfeiting practices, and the application of the maximum legal penalties against them in accordance with the Commercial Fraud Control Law, where the system provides for penalties of up to three years imprisonment and fines of up One million riyals or both, defamation of violators, deporting the violating workers and preventing them from returning to work in the Kingdom.

The ministry urged all consumers to submit their reports of commercial violations through the “Tijari Balagh” application at the link: https://mci.gov.sa/C-app or through the ministry’s unified call center on the number 1900 or the ministry’s official website on the Internet.

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