“Trade”: 4 months imprisonment, defamation and deportation of a resident convicted of the crime of cover-up

The Ministry of Commerce declared a Bangladeshi resident after a court ruling was issued proving his violation of the anti-cover-up system and the management and operation of a grocery store in Rafha Governorate.

The Ministry published the judicial ruling issued by the Criminal Court in Arar, which includes imprisonment for a period of four months, closing the facility, liquidating its activity, canceling the license, canceling the commercial register of the facility, collecting zakat, fees and taxes, in addition to expelling the concealed one from the Kingdom and not allowing him to return to it to work, and defamation by publishing a summary judgment.

The Ministry of Commerce urged violators of the anti-cover-up system (Saudi or non-Saudi) to take advantage of the benefits of the corrective period regulation for the conditions of violators of the anti-cover-up system and to submit requests to correct their status through the ministry’s website mc.gov.sa before the deadline expires on August 23, 2021, in order to avoid the prescribed penalties In the system and the consequent income tax is paid retroactively.

The process of correction is easy and easy through several options, including: the introduction of a new legal partner “Saudi or non-Saudi” and continuing to work in the facility, or the Saudi’s disposal of the facility by selling, waiving or dissolving it, or registering the ownership of the facility in the name of a non-Saudi by agreement between the Saudi and the non-Saudi. The Saudi can transfer the ownership of the facility to the non-Saudi after the latter obtains an investment license. A non-Saudi can also apply for a premium residence application, an investment license to continue working in the facility, or apply for a final exit.

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