Trade: 1.8 million cars, 300,000 home appliances and 50,000 children’s toys did not respond to “recall” campaigns

The Ministry of Commerce stressed the importance of consumers’ response to campaigns to recall defective products to ensure their safety and preserve their rights, indicating that there are many vehicles and products that have been subject to recall during the past period whose owners did not respond to the campaigns, which poses a danger to them and their families, indicating that the automotive sector is the highest in the world. The lack of response to more than 1.8 million recalled cars that are still on the roads on a daily basis,

Then comes home appliances with more than 300,000 home appliances, and then children play with more than 50,000 toys, putting our little ones at risk.

The ministry indicated that “recall” is a global system for goods and products that, after use, discover a manufacturing defect or defect, and are directly subject to recall operations, obligating agents to repair free of charge, and this does not require the validity of the warranty to preserve and protect consumer rights.

It is noteworthy that the most prominent potential risks in the event of failure to respond to the recall campaigns lie in the occurrence of traffic accidents, “God forbid”, or the outbreak of fire, damage, or cases of suffocation for children.

The ministry has launched 1,156 recall campaigns for vehicles and products since the establishment of the defective products recall center website in 2018. Consumers can check the comprehensiveness of recall campaigns for their products or vehicles electronically through: recalls.s.

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