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There is no doubt that the journey of customers and employees in the world of services is among the most important factors that play a role in distinguishing companies and building successful relationships with brands around the world.

However, companies, on the other hand, are struggling to keep up with the changing demands of customers and employees as some of them continue to use outdated technologies.

We are facing a new era in the world of services, and the stage is ready for all players who are able to provide customers with an opportunity to enjoy new experiences that contribute to their entry into the market and reap the fruits of the transformation journey, based on their creativity, insight and ability to influence.

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It has become clear that leadership through the “think based on experience” approach is the most effective way for companies seeking to organize their work style, organizational culture and approach to overcoming challenges.

There are trusted consultants in the world of building customer experiences, due to their ability to help organizations achieve desired change and impact.

This helps to bridge knowledge gaps, and deal with business from a new perspective, especially to find answers to new challenges, and ultimately achieve competitiveness.

The role of trusted advisors in the technology world has always been desirable, including parties that have gained this trust as a result of their true partnership with clients, their deep understanding and the ability to achieve decisive results.

Today, the role of these entities has evolved to become more focused on “building experiences”, which puts the customer and employee experience at the top of the priority, and reaffirms that the issue of user experiences is among the most influential factors in the endeavors to achieve corporate excellence.

At GITEX 2021, we at Avaya will proudly present our global network and ecosystem of Experience Builders, as well as Avaya experts, partners and customers who are at the front-seat of digital transformation based on developing customer experiences. We are confident that this corporate network of relationships is located at the intersection, where many of the key elements of the world of customer service converge: design, business, communication, all of which ultimately merge into the philosophy of modern user experiences.

The challenge for user experience builders is to confront the legacy thinking and existing business models in use, and cohesively lead companies of different schools and streams to creating an environment that delivers new experiences.

The good news is that this community of experience builders has access to a suite of tools and solutions to make the journey easier.

Avaya’s cloud-based solutions and our portfolio of cutting-edge services offer significant benefits to businesses, whether in terms of learning and adoption of new methods or enhancing productivity and collaboration.

These are all important considerations for organizations, regardless of their size or the nature of their work.

* President of Avaya International

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