Tourists travel 1000 km by road to spend the Eid in Najran

A large group of foreign tourists, specifically of Pakistani nationality, and their families traveled 1,000 km by road to spend the Eid vacation in Najran from the capital, Riyadh.

They were received by Ali Al Shaiban, one of the youths of Najran region, who visited them and coordinated a schedule of places for the visits that they would make inside and outside the region, which began with the popular market, the Janabi market and heritage, then the palace of Aba Al-Saud, as well as the historical Raum castle, the Al-An and Maghra castle, the ancient city of Okhdood, the historical museum, King Fahd Park and Abrashash. .

The tourists expressed their great happiness with what they saw of beautiful urban development, as well as what Najran region contains of historical, heritage, agricultural and tourist places that won their admiration. This visit is with the coming of the days, knowing that they have been keen to acquire and buy many traditional gifts such as Janabi and many heritage collections for which the region is famous, as well as clothes and Najrani costumes.


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