Top Gun: Maverick, Future Crimes… The films to see or avoid this week

Tom Cruise back behind the aviator glasses of “Maverick”, a horrific dystopia signed Cronenberg… What should we see this week? Discover the cinema selection of Figaro.

Top Gun: Maverick – To have

Action movie by Joseph Kosinski, 2h17

Thirty-six years later, “Maverick” is back in service. And it sucks. This time, Tom Cruise and his elite pilots have a mission to accomplish, if not impossible, at least perilous: to destroy a clandestine uranium enrichment plant in an enemy country. The training sequences and the mission itself are dizzying. Cruise, now an instructor, must train “Rooster” (Miles Teller) who is none other than the son of “Goose”, his teammate who died accidentally in the first Top Gun. Trauma and remorse don’t stop Cruise’s iconic shots on a motorbike, hair blowing, racing an airplane. He continues to defy the clocks. A game of American football on the beach allows him to show off his pecs. “It’s not the plane that counts, it’s the pilot”, is his other mantra. Aboard an F-14, another relic of the 1980s, Cruise fears no one. Top Gun: Maverick wards off the fear of aging, a Hollywood star’s anxiety shared by a good part of humanity. E.S.

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Future Crimes – To have

Science fiction film by David Cronenberg, 1h47

“Surgery is the new sex”. Athens, once the cradle of democracy, is now a paradise for scalpels and licentiousness. Incisions, scarifications and other carvings are the hobby of a humanity in peril. We discover this dystopia through the eyes of Viggo Mortensen, a performer assisted by Léa Seydoux, a fan of guts, viscera and other “neo-organs”. They cross paths with Kristen Stewart, who works at the Organ Registry. The New Vice Squad is watching. Rebels prepare the revolution. Carried by a dark, sardonic humor, and by the sumptuous music of Howard Shore, Cronenberg’s horrific drift has everything of a shimmering requiem. Future Crimes is not a testamentary work. It’s an organ donation in the cinema. Cronenberg addresses his followers. This is my body, eat it all. With the eyes. E.S.

Men on the verge of a nervous breakdown – We have not seen

Comedy ofAudrey Dana 1h37

“If you’re here it’s because you’re not doing well, but above all, because you want to get better”. François-Xavier Demaison, Ramzy Bedia, Thierry Lhermitte, Laurent Stocker, Pascal Demolon and the young Max Baissette de Malglaive portray seven men who are opposites, embarked on a group therapy in the middle of nature. Guided by a woman, Marina Hands, will these few days away from civilization allow them to get better?

It turns in Saint-Pierre and Miquelon – We have not seen

Dramatic comedy by Christian Monnier, 1h35

“It’s the story of a girl, lost in Saint-Pierre and Miquelon”, it is without additional information on the script that Céline Mauge (in an eponymous role) embarks on the shooting of the next film by the famous Milan Zodowski, played by Philippe Rebot. Arriving at the filming location, the renowned actress finds herself on her own when the director locks himself in his shed to “create”.

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