Too much love, Variations on the same love you, on Canal + Cinema

CRITICAL – Frankie Wallach stars his death camp survivor grandmother in this heartwarming and funny film. Do not miss this Thursday, October 14 on Canal + Cinema at 8:50 p.m.

A young woman and her grandmother are talking in the backseat of a car. “Mamy, we mustn’t talk about the film we’re both going to make, it’s a surprise.” “I promise you but I don’t swear, I never swore in my life”, answers the old lady. And all out of the blue, she sets off with these words: “Ginette says I take a lot of taxis because I have a big pension. She spent seven months in camp, me twenty-four! “ The tone is set, between humor and emotion. Frankie Wallach wants to stage Julia, for her 94 years, so, she says, “To make her immortal.” And above all so that it exists other than as a deportee ”. They will therefore play together Savannah bay by Marguerite Duras. Rehearsals, diction lessons, launch of crowdfunding on the net… But the family gets involved: father, mother, sisters, companions. Enthusiasm is coupled with misunderstandings, sometimes resentment. And if he was there, the real subject, convinces her a producer.

“Camp diet”

So, of course, it will be a question of the

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