Tomorrow .. the conjunction of the moon and Mars after sunset

Tomorrow the moon and the planet Mars will join after sunset, where they are separated by about two degrees, and then the moon’s illumination reaches 32%, while the brightness of Mars reaches 1.2.

The head of the astronomy and space sciences department at King Abdulaziz University, Dr. Hassan Muhammad Asiri, explained that the conjugation occurs when two celestial bodies are located close to each other, on the same celestial longitude, and when the pairing appears to the viewer as if they are adjacent, while in reality they are separated by a vast distance, where Mars is 246 million km away from us, while the Moon is 400,000 km away.

He added that the year 2021 witnesses seven conjunctions between the moon and the red planet, and the conjunction of tomorrow is one of the most important of them, while on April 17, the Germans reach the lowest angle distance between them throughout the year by 0.1 degrees, and on October 6, 2020, Mars passed its closest point from Earth at a distance of 62 A million km, which is the closest distance to Mars from Earth until the year 2035, while it fell on October 14, 2020 in the opposite position at a distance of 62.7 million km from Earth, while its brightness reached 2.6.

He explained that the encounter is the best time to observe the planet, as it is almost at the closest point in its orbit to the Earth, and thus appears brighter and larger, and repeats to Mars approximately once every 26 months, and the two bodies’ coupling can be seen tomorrow, with the naked eye above the western horizon, after sunset. The sun is half an hour.


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