Tokyo Olympics: skater Sky Brown, the intrepid force of youth

It’s not the Youth Olympic Games, but on the Olympic skatepark where the daredevils will follow one another this Wednesday August 4 (at dawn in France), it’s just like. Especially among these young ladies afraid of nothing, with a certified ambassador a certain Sky Brown, superstar of the discipline at barely 13 years old, and who defends the colors of Her Majesty.

A choice dictated by the nationality of her father Stuart, but the girl blurs the borders, born in Japan, the country of her mother Miko, and residing most of her time in the United States. United Colors of Sky Brown in short, thoroughly in the times, lively on the track and obviously on social networks. It will undoubtedly reach more than a million followers on Instagram if she’s hanging a medal around her neck.

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Everyone is waiting for him on the podium, at least, and at the top, instead. She laughs and displays an absence of pressure well of her age. Why bother, after all. She has come a long way. From a training session that turns into drama in May 2020, between two ramps in California. She flies away, performs a alley-oop fairly classic front, but loses its bearings and on reception, crashes. Truly. Left arm broken, fingers of right hand the same, belly lacerated, face swollen.

“We need more girls on the skateparks”

Here she is in intensive care. Parents at his bedside. But the teenager quickly regains color. Post necessarily news, video of his stunt in support. Her parents wonder about this staging, but she finds it natural. “She is lucky to be alive”, punctuates his father who is worried about his return to the board. Wrongly. Fifteen days after the accident, things are going well.

She always wants to push her limits, to dare harder figures. “I am the little one who does things big”, she blurted out. The meaning of the formula. And a small side girl power in addition to encourage the girls to venture more on the skateparks. “I’m starting to see some, but more is needed”, she emphasizes. Inspiring, she hopes to be. Skateboarding legend American Tony Hawk already sees her as one of the best in the discipline, men and women alike.


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