Tokyo Olympics: sabreuse Manon Brunet wins bronze medal

France now has five medals since the start of the Tokyo Olympics: sabreuse Manon Brunet won the Olympic bronze medal on Monday July 26 in Chiba.

Thanks to a resounding victory against the Hungarian Anna Marton 15 to 6 touches, Manon Brunet, 25, gave French fencing her second award after Romain Cannone’s gold in épée on Sunday.

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After her victory, the saber, very concentrated throughout the match, collapsed in tears in the arms of her teammates, Charlotte Lembach, Cécilia Berder and Sara Balzer, as well as French foilists who remained to encourage her.

“Everyone re-motivated me”

Unhappy five years ago when she finished fourth in the 2016 Olympics in Rio, the saber, vice-champion of Europe in 2019, told AFP in mid-June that since then she had “Grown up: I have become more mature but also more demanding with myself, I always want more”.

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“I messed up the half, I was so disappointed (after his defeat in the semifinals, Editor’s note), I told everyone I couldn’t go for the bronze medal and everyone re-motivated me ”, she confided. She will have the opportunity to put another medal around her neck during the team competition scheduled for Saturday.


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