Tokyo Olympics: Maïva Hamadouche, enraged in the ring and in life

There I go with my guts and my heart. “ But does she know how to do anything else, Maïva Hamadouche, than unwrap everything she has in the ring? The French boxer is generous, it is her trademark. If in Tokyo she is there to take – gold if possible – it is above all to give better afterwards.

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Because it is for her a real challenge to come up against this Olympic boxing which is not the same – shorter and fewer rounds – than that of the professional fights which made her notoriety. Maïva Hamadouche has been IBF world champion since 2016. At 31, she could have been content with this career. But she’s not the kind of lady. So, since 2019, professionals are now authorized to participate in the Games, she embarked on this Japanese adventure. Hamadouche rhymes with fierce determination. Since adolescence, when she decided to channel her rage by putting on the gloves. His parents pointed to absent subscribers. She invented another house for herself. Between the ropes. Boxing, escape and obsession. Except that this is not quite enough to frame the turbulent. At 19, the Police Academy offers to add more. She really appreciates this job which suits her perfectly.

Boxing lessons for women victims of violence

First in the emergency police, then for years as the only woman in a security and intervention company (CSI), she has been assigned for two years to the Recruitment and Training Directorate of the National Police, where she manages the protocol for monitoring women victims of violence in the Yvelines. Reality as an uppercut. She decides to get involved and imagines, with two associations, boxing lessons for the victims, “So that they regain a form of self-confidence”, explains the boxer.

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She wants to give this project a national dimension. In March, Marlène Schiappa, the minister responsible for citizenship, said she was seduced and pledged her support. Maïva can concentrate on the Games. That she starts in 16es final, this Tuesday July 27 in the middle of the day. For her entry on the scene, she dyed her hair pink. The sense of spectacle. Make people talk about her and land a podium to echo her other fight. Because “Winning for a cause is even better”.


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