Tokyo Olympics: Kevin Mayer, the money of courage in the decathlon

It was at the javelin point that the French Kevin Mayer, off the podium before the final events of the Olympic decathlon, gleaned his silver medal Thursday August 5 at the Tokyo Olympics, as in Rio in 2016. A second step on the unexpected podium after the first series of tests, where he had been seen in tears, announcing that he was suffering from a pain in his back throwing him “Lightning” with every effort.

Effective medical protocol

Taken in hand by his medical team, he chose to continue the competition under an authorized inflammatory treatment, which has borne fruit. This medical protocol did not only have physical effects, it visibly produced flashes, positive this time, in the mind of this exceptional champion.

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Kevin Mayer first regained his footing by rising into the air on Wednesday 4 August at 2.08 m in height, a bar he had not reached for four years, which allowed him to pick up the field of the five or six potential medal winners. “I shot down the card that I hardly ever knock down, he explains, anti-inflammatory drugs. So inevitably, I had no more pain and I was able to free myself at the height, as I have not freed myself for a very long time. It was a huge pleasure. “

But it was in the javelin, penultimate of the ten decathlon events, where he set a new personal best (73.09 m, yielding 937 pts) that he planted this feat. This double silver medal is a far cry from its world title in 2017, which was followed by its world record, but it puts a little balm in the heart of a drifting French athletics team, orphan of podiums so far.

A decathlon that will set a milestone

She also consoles him for his poor performance in Doha in 2019, where the world title had escaped him, again because of an injury. He then remained on another huge disappointment: a zero point in length at Euro 2018 after having bitten the board three times. Since his world record, he has actually completed only one decathlon, in 2018, in Reunion.

After the javelin, there was only one event left, the 1,500m, during which the Frenchman secured his place in a discipline with little media coverage and little exposure, with very few events organized during the seasons. Sign of fate, Kevin Mayer snatched this money at the very moment when not far from there, the French basketball team qualified by one point (90-89) against Slovenia for the final against the United States. United, twenty-one years after the historic Sydney final in 2000.

This decathlon will be a milestone with the performance of the winner, the Canadian Damian Warner, who enters alongside Kevin Mayer in the closed men’s club with more than 9,000 points (9,018 points).


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