Tokyo Olympics: France bronze medalist in track cycling

In 42 s 331/100 Florian Grengbo, Sébastien Vigier and Rayan Helal brought the Blues their 24e medal in Tokyo by winning bronze. This is the first cycling award for France during these Olympic Games.

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Historical highlight of the French sprint, team speed showed an average age of 22 years. Next to Florian Grengbo, 20, and Rayan Hélal, 22, Sébastien Vigier looked like an elder at the age of 24. It is he, as a torchbearer, who has the most experience in this trio which has never been lined up in a major meeting, for lack of competitions since the Worlds in Berlin in February 2020.

“We worked a lot together”

“We arrive without too much pressure, with only more to go and get, experience, we have never run together at speed as a team, which is our main objective”, had announced when arriving in Tokyo, Sébastien Vigier, the only survivor of the team which took fourth place at the last Worlds in February 2020 in Berlin.

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With Florian Grengbo, who replaced Grégory Baugé as starter, France was going a little into the unknown. “We have worked a lot together since we know the selection (…) I think we are well established, we just did not make official competition all three”, had played down Sébastien Vigier. “Team speed is the race that will kick off our week, if we start well (…) that will free us up for the individual events”, added the leader of the speed group.


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