Today, a solar storm hits the Earth

Experts from the American Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) predicted that a solar storm will hit the planet today, Friday, and affect energy networks and satellites.

Quotes British newspaper “Express” Experts say the expected solar storm will cause a “quick hit” of charged particles streaming out of the sun.

A solar flare was discovered, on Tuesday, July 20, that threw a cloud of charged particles towards the Earth, and is expected to cause a small solar storm in the magnetosphere surrounding the Earth, today, Friday, July 23, although the debris of the explosion does not target the Earth directly. Live.

Experts explained in their three-day forecast that G1 (minor) geomagnetic storm conditions are likely to be late on July 23.

For its part, the US space agency, NASA, reported that a solar storm can penetrate the magnetic field, allowing charged particles to strike the poles and the atmosphere, which weakens the Earth’s magnetic field for 6 to 12 hours, and will take a few days to fully recover.

Solar storms can cause a wide range of effects, from minor disturbances to satellite operations, to complete power outages.

Experts did not underestimate the danger of the solar storm, saying that fortunately, the expected storm would be a minor G1 storm – if it happened at all, as its impact is limited to weak fluctuations in the power grid, and a slight impact on satellite operations.

Weak solar storms have an effect on migratory animals and can lead to beautiful aurora borealis.


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