To attract investment opportunities and localize engineering work… a memorandum of understanding between “Tahlia” and “the Council of Engineers”

Today, the Saline Water Conversion Corporation signed a memorandum of understanding with the Saudi Council of Engineers, to benefit from joint experiences, exchange consultations and information, and localize engineering jobs for Saudi cadres, in addition to creating numerous, diverse and sustainable opportunities to contribute to enhancing the content of engineering initiatives and programs to meet the renewable needs in the sector.

The memorandum was signed by His Excellency the Governor of the Saline Water Conversion Corporation, Eng. Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al-Abdulkarim, and His Excellency, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Council of Engineers, Eng. Majid bin Hindi Al-Otaibi

His Excellency the Governor of the Saline Water Conversion Corporation stressed the importance of unifying efforts to serve economic and technical development and to raise the level of coordination between the two parties in the sector, pointing out that (desalination) will employ its capabilities and expertise in the areas of water desalination, in implementing a set of technical and specialized programs related to operations and automatic control systems and the operation of production systems, with a focus on maintenance and operation aspects.

Engineer Al-Abdulkarim stated that these programs provide the possibility to train technicians and engineers, develop their competencies, and raise their capabilities to the highest levels of professional standards, to enable them to practice safe in their field of specialization, in addition to providing all their capabilities and training and rehabilitation facilities in Jubail, including halls, workshops, laboratories, and appropriate analogues equipped with the latest technologies and means. And training equipment for members of the board of engineers, female engineers, technicians and students of engineering programs.

For his part, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Council of Engineers indicated that the memorandum signed between the two parties included many engineering and technical programs and initiatives and the stages of their implementation in order to expand the development and support of engineering cadres, including a program of specialized training courses supported by the Authority and directed to engineers and technicians working in the institution in the various regions of the Kingdom. In line with the objectives of Vision 2030, and in line with the requirements of the engineering sectors in the labor market, in addition to approving training programs in the field of water desalination with the aim of calculating them in the professional grades of the membership of the authority.

Eng. Al-Otaibi stressed the importance of cooperation between the two sides in providing consultancy and engineering services that would advance the engineering sector in the Kingdom in order to achieve an advanced level of professional performance in order to raise the efficiency of project implementation in the sector, improve water quality services, and exchange experiences and knowledge aimed at enriching the engineering content. In addition to coordinating for the purpose of professional registration of workers in the water desalination establishment after completing the required procedures in the authority’s professional accreditation system.

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