Tips to deal with first job butterflies

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Since you are just entering the organization, it is presumed you are on the lowest rung of the official hierarchy. You have little or no experience. You might argue with your own self that you have a brilliant career; that you studied in good schools, colleges and universities. You may even think that you need not cultivate your colleagues. This is where you may make the initial mistake of strutting about as a ‘swollen’ head.

This will elicit adverse reactions from others. You will be given a cold shoulder. Even if the attitude of your colleagues is seemingly warm, they will laugh at you behind your back. Some, out of jealousy, will make cutting remarks.

You can avoid all this. You have to bear in mind that there is a fund of goodwill for every beginner in almost every office. If you are well-prepared and know the art of dealing with people, you will cash on this goodwill. Otherwise, it will be dissipated.

The most important thing for you is to cultivate and display courtesy and humility. These two words should be your guiding stars even if you have authority over others.

Every new worker has a few weeks of goodwill. No one looks upon you as a serious rival or a threat to his own position. You will find almost everyone in the office offering you guidance, help and information. Some do-gooders may even go to the extent of doing work for you.

These outward signs of friendliness are genuine for some time. Make the most of them but do not presume. If someone offers you help, well and good. But do not take his offer as a cue to swallow big chunks of this time.

It is possible that you will be left to your own resourcefulness simply because others are too busy in their work or are indifferent. In such a situation, it is your duty to find out what you are supposed to do and the best ways of accomplishing it.

It is not necessary for you to run to the boss every time you face a difficulty. Take a colleague into confidence; discuss your problem with him and know your sphere of operation.

Do not overlook that you are only a part of a whole. You cannot function in a vacuum. You have to operate within the framework of that section. So learn as soon as you can the exact and precise work of the section, in addition to the work assigned to you as an individual. This will be easier to achieve if you know the nature of work of your colleagues too.

Several newcomers break the rules right in the first few days of their entry and then plead ignorance. Therefore, it is essential for you to acquaint yourself with the office rules.

Be particular about timings. Do not leave work very frequently on flimsy grounds. Be sure of the leave rules and various breaks. If the office follows certain conventions or traditions, even though unwritten, follow them.

Do not expect the entire organization to change its character overnight to accommodate you. The organization is always bigger than the individual.

Since you are a fresher, your actions, words and general behaviors are being watched. Do not take chances. Make it known through your words, actions and behaviors that you like your work and that you are conscientious, reliable, co-operative and a person with initiative, willing to shoulder, responsibility.

Your ability to smile when asked to perform some extra work will endear you to the people who matter in your organization.

When you undertake to perform a task, be as good as your word. Prove you have the mental stamina and willingness to carry your work through to the end. You show the boss that you are justifying your salary and that he has not made a mistake in employing you.

You cannot handle your job successfully if you are not friendly with your co-workers. You will be missing one of the greatest joys of working the chance for pleasant, satisfying human relationships.

Also, there is nothing so essential to the success of your work as good, harmonious relations with your superiors.

Do let the boss know that you are interested in learning from him but this does not mean that you cannot or should not compliment him when the occasion arises. He is human a being and loves appreciation from his staff.

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