TikTok is the most downloaded in Saudi Arabia and the most famous Facebook in the world

The 2021 digitization report revealed that the TikTok platform was the most downloaded among the social media in Saudi Arabia, and WhatsApp ranked second, while Facebook and YouTube are the most popular platforms globally, according to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

Harmful content

“CFR” published a report entitled “Blaming Social Media for Spreading Misinformation and Contributing to Violence Around the World”, in which it stated that it removes millions of harmful content. It also covers part of it with a warning or submits it to other procedures. It also stated that the means of communication were subjected to severe censorship. For example, the riots in the US Capitol building on January 6 are just one example of violence, which national security experts say has been fueled in large part by the platforms. While elsewhere in the world the platforms have contributed to religious and ethnic violence. Harmful misinformation has also spread, including about the ‘COVID-19’ pandemic, as platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have become de facto public spaces in many countries, and governments adopt various methods to organize them.


Critics assert that these platforms do not consistently enforce their rules. For example, Twitter and Facebook have allowed accounts that they say serve the public interest – most notably those of politicians like former US President Donald Trump – to post offensive or misleading content. Social media companies have argued that their policies are difficult to implement, “it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between hate speech and spelling or commentary.” Some companies said, “We should not bear the responsibility of writing the Internet rules,” calling for “governmental regulation.”

Pallets organization

The report stated that the most common platforms, most of which run US companies, have similar content modification policies, prohibiting posts that glorify or encourage violence, sexually explicit content, and posts that contain hate speech, which they define as attacking a person because of His race or gender, among other characteristics.

Major platforms have also taken steps to curb misinformation, including by verifying the authenticity of posts, branding accounts for state-run media, and blocking political ads.

The most downloaded platforms in Saudi Arabia 2021:











Remove harmful content in:


Spam = 3.3 billion

Sexual Content = 75 million

Violent and graphic content = 40 million

Hate speech = 32 million

Child sexual exploitation = 18 million

Others = 47 million


Spam = 5.5 million

Child safety = 5.3 million

Nudity & Sex = 2.5 million

Depiction of Violence = 1.9 million

Promoting Violence and Extremism = 1.2 million

Others = 1.1 million


Hateful behavior = 955,000

Abuse or Harassment = 601K

Sensitive media = 171 thousand

Promoting suicide or self-harm = 74,000

Private info = 38 thousand

Others = 87 thousand


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