Thwarting the collection of folklore under the guise of Al-Fusha

Saudi academic reservations about what he called the popular tradition of collecting popular heritage in the local community, as well as popular poetic texts, to the frustration of some local universities, under the guise of “Fusha Guard”, stressing that universities should not be isolated from general cultural life With the importance of studying dialects, in order to understand them, and from them to understand other people’s dialects and languages.

Bridging the gap

Academic critic, Dr. Ali bin Sarhan Al-Qurashi, who was speaking yesterday in a hypothetical lecture, entitled: “Human Relations in Academic Action,” organized by Al-Ahsa Literary Club, and moderated by Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Haidari, emphasized the necessity of communicating the academic action to the cultural audience, which is an opportunity To heal the rift between the public and academic action, praising some literary clubs in the Kingdom, through their advancement of cultural responsibilities, and their adoption of academic conferences and seminars, which are not universities, at a time when local universities were immersed in their slumber – as far as he described – as if they were on another planet, And not on the ground, due to its distance from the general cultural act.

Come academic education

He showed that some universities in Saudi Arabia were keen to activate the principle of “humanitarian action in academic work”, when social and economic variables needed them to establish community service colleges, which in some were replacements for specialized centers for scientific research and the revival of Islamic heritage, pointing out that some colleges In Saudi Arabia, the gap between the transcendence of academic education and the commitment to society has narrowed.

The school leaders called for the importance of linking the school with the community, transforming schools into torches of light for the community, studying the community around them, knowing its requirements, and guiding it, and for their community not to be separate, as the school in the neighborhood is the cultural and social light, and not just a school for emergency and new education.

Neglecting dialects

In turn, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Ahsa Literary Club, Dr. Dhafer Al-Shehri, confirmed, during his intervention at the conclusion of the lecture, that Al-Ahsa Literary Club was able to establish a partnership with King Faisal University in Al-Ahsa, which is one of the most prominent partnerships in literary clubs in the Kingdom, aimed at reaching the community. And fusion with society and the young generation in Al-Ahsa.

The professor of linguistics at the College of Arts at King Faisal University in Al-Ahsa, Dr. Khalifa Al-Masawi, regrets, during his intervention in the lecture, the neglect of interest in the current local dialects in our Arab world. Male and female students in university studies about conducting a specialized study on the relationship of the Al-Ahsa dialect with the Indian dialect, calling for opening the door to the study of Arabic dialects, as it is the developing element of the classical language and the Arabic language in general, adding that the interest in dialects is the subject of the current era, and that the specializations of linguistics in West, it works on the oral more than the written.


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