Thursday October 28, Saints Simon and Jude, apostles (Lk 6, 12-19)

Vatican Council II made the architectural metaphor one of the three flagship images to speak of the Church, which is the People of God, the Body of Christ, but also the Temple of the Holy Spirit. Each image highlights a particular dimension of the Christian community: it is on a pilgrimage towards the Kingdom of God, it is inseparable from the person of Christ, it is inhabited by the movement of the Spirit. The Church is therefore resolutely Trinitarian, that is to say that she is nothing without the love of the Father, of the Son and of the Spirit who arouses her communion and her mission.

In his exhortation to the Ephesians, Paul incorporates each of these dimensions. It is addressed to the members of the family of God, fellow citizens of the saints: the people of God are extended to the living who live in God. He also speaks of Christ who is the cornerstone of the building: at the junction of the horizontality of human relations and the verticality of the relation to God. He then develops the image of a Christian community which is the construction (the word comes up three times) having the Apostles as its foundation. This construction, founded on the Apostles, rises harmoniously to become a holy temple in the Lord. The building is made of the living stones that are the baptized: and we are each a preciously unique element!


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