Thursday July 22, Sainte Marie Madeleine (Jn 20, 1.11-18)

The feast of Mary Magdalene is an invitation to meditate on this woman par excellence, a disciple of Jesus. She followed him with the other disciples, listening to his words, walking with him, standing near him even in his Passion, at the foot of the cross, while almost all the others fled. While the hope of many has been shattered, Marie Madeleine does not resign herself: she searches everywhere “The one his heart loves”, in the words of the Song of Songs.

Her quest leads her to the tomb but … it is empty: “My Lord has been taken away. “ In her grief, she is unable to recognize the one standing near her. But this one – the gardener – calls him by name: “Marie. ” So she recognizes him and would like to seize him, but he refuses to do so. The Risen Christ immediately sends him to bring the good news that he is alive but that he is leaving them. Mary Magdalene thus becomes the first witness to the resurrection.

In her, any disciple of Christ, man or woman, can recognize her story and a route to follow. The word addressed to Mary Magdalene is addressed to us personally and in the Church, an appeal “To find my brothers” so that they can witness what we have seen and heard. But who are and where are the brothers and sisters of Christ to be found today? Undoubtedly near and far, it is urgent to go find them. “Yalla”, Sister Emmanuelle would have said.


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