Three reasons to see Zack Snyder’s reworked version of Justice League

Four years after its release, the choral film of Warner and DC Comics returns in a version a little long but in accordance with the direction of its director.

No more compromises. Zack Snyder returns through the digital door to deliver his unbridled vision of the superheroic magnum opus that escaped his hands in 2017; a family death had prevented him from finishing the project. Countdown to the pruning job done by Josh Whedon, the director of 300 and of Man of steel unleashes his talent over four long hours, rich in dramatic slow motion and popcorn action.

The renewed frame of the film – resuscitated by the mobilization of fans on social networks – dresses an unchanged story: after the death of Superman (Henry Cavill), Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) reunite a team of super- hero to protect the planet from an alien invasion. Not devoid of some slowness, this “ Snyder Cut »Which is a hit on VOD – 100,000 downloads in one week, a record – above all does justice to characters abandoned in 2017, such as the silent Cyborg (Ray Fisher) – revelation of the film – and Steppenwolf (Ciarán Hinds), who finally shines as an enemy imperfect. Cleaned of its first impurities, the wine (a little too long in the mouth) can be tasted. It is still necessary to taste this heroic bouquet whose notes loaded with obscure references risk leaving laymen, if not drunk, at least disillusioned.

The director’s original vision

Let us recognize the title to have the merit of clarity: this new Justice league is fully owned by its director, Zack Snyder. And it feels. In its tone, the film tightens the touches of humor and gets rid of the bright colors instilled with forceps in its first version in favor of scenes a bit more violent – but more intense -, as well as a few dramatic deaths that contrast with restraint. more masterpiece of the film released in 2017. During the editing, Zack Snyder restores a number of scenes, even sequences of Chris Terrio’s screenplay that had sometimes been redone, sometimes abandoned in 2017, in an effort to keep his four-hour fresco in two ; a treat more than certain for those who taste the most of Snyder’s style.

These small differences, taken individually, together form a clearer and more coherent backdrop, even though the viewer’s attention is strained throughout the film’s four hours. In his image, finally, the use of the 4/3 format adopted by the director, far from being a technical whim, allows him to enclose the action of the superheroes inside cinégéniques boxes that could be drawn of comic book pages. A beautiful tribute to the original material of these extraordinary stories.

The new thickness of the characters

It was the big watchword of Justice league : Faced with a new threat, the heroes of Earth would unite and fight together. The opportunity therefore presented itself to discover new heroes. Only here, of the three new faces introduced in the film – Aquaman (Jason Momoa), the prince of the seas; Flash (Ezra Miller), the crazy speed geek; and Cyborg, the tormented man-machine – two were somewhat relegated to the fringes of Josh Whedon’s film. A shame when, in the words of Zack Snyder, Cyborg was supposed to be the backbone of his film.

Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and The Flash (Ezra Miller). Clay Enos / HBO Max

An injustice repaired in this version of Zack Snyder who, far from simply adding cut scenes, transforms a whole part of the final by brilliantly connecting it to the various developments of Cyborg and Flash. Returning from the margins to the center of the film, these characters gain body, a journey and a meaning in the midst of the adventures of Justice league. Better distributed over all of its heroes, the story immediately emerges more balanced.

A festival of references

Finally, Zack’s Snyder’s Justice League opens up new perspectives all the time: enamelled over the course of the adventure then amassed in a block during a long and dispensable epilogue, dumpers of references and cameos – which the finest connoisseurs will undoubtedly appreciate – outline the outline of the next adventures of the league and its growing ranks. Tempting leads that herald new antagonists, new conflicts, new allies… What to expect with a firm footing for a sequel?

Some fans may be disappointed Warner Media Studio director Ann Sarnoff said in an interview with Variety . A heartbreak in perspective for the admirers of the director and the undeniable cachet of his vision of the heroes of DC Comics. Already mobilizing around the hashtag #RestoreTheSnyderVerse, fans hope to force the studio’s hand. A stubbornness against all odds which, while waiting for the improbable, gives the film the undefeated brilliance of the last of the series.


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