Three reasons to go see Lupine III: The First at the movies

Lupine the third is the most famous burglar in Japan. For the first time adapted into an animated film, the gentleman burglar, grandson of Arsène Lupine, arrives to steal the first place of the box office of the Hexagon.

By Val Mardigan

Lupine the third is cult in Japan (more than 10 films, 15 TV films, and 5 seasons of cartoons since 1967). But the license has not yet met with success in France, apart from the first film directed by Hayao Miyazaki: Cagliostro Castle. We bet that the spectators change their mind with the excellent animated film directed by Takashi Yamazaki.

At the end of World War II, the Nazis are on the hunt for an artifact with legendary powers. Only Professor Bresson, emeritus archaeologist, has unraveled the mystery. But he hid it in his journal, protected by a complex mechanism. Years later, the work resurfaced in an exhibition in Paris. It attracts the lust of Lætitia, a young thief, of a small Nazi group and of Lupine and his gang …

A perfect gateway to discover the world of Lupine the third

From left to right: Fujiko, Zenigata, Lupine, Jigen and Goemon, the five key protagonists of the saga. MP / 2019 TMS

Takashi Yamazaki, the director explains: “When I discovered Lupine, I was 9 years old. I saw the cartoon on TV and felt like I was seeing the adult world. ” That’s why he wanted the movie to have multiple messages. To find echo with all audiences. If friendship is one of Lupin’s basic themes, Lætitia’s character carries that of an overflowing passion that needs to be expressed at all costs.

A Japanese animated film in full 3D CGI

The work on colors and textures is remarkable. Lupin’s jacket sometimes seems to come to life … MP / 2019 TMS

The director chose 3D CGI to introduce a new generation of spectators to the world of Lupine. The use of volume animation gives the whole a “toonesque” side perfectly compatible with the humor inherent in the Lupine saga. 3D offers new staging perspectives that the director has not shied away from. An incredible work on colors and textures.

Engaged with the Nazis, Lupine displays the same flippancy as Indy, an omen? MP / 2019 TMS

A mix of James Bond and Indiana Jones

“The character of Lupine has always been very close to that of James Bond. But for this film I wanted to introduce the boundless energy that one finds in the adventure films of the 80s. This is how I introduced a little bit of Indiana Jones in the Lupine universe ” explains the director. All the ingredients are there: adventure, archeology, action, humor, romance. And the mixture is perfectly successful.

Proof that the gentleman burglar still pleases all over the world, Netflix in 2021 will broadcast a series freely adapted from the work of French novelist Maurice Leblond with Omar Sy in the lead role.


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