Thomas Kruithof and Jean-Baptiste Delafon: “The film Les Promesses tells a story that is not publicized”

INTERVIEW – The director and his co-screenwriter look back on the genesis of the film The promises, a feature film behind the scenes of local politics.

After Shadow mechanics , a paranoid thriller starring François Cluzet, Thomas Kruithof stages behind-the-scenes politics. Alongside his co-screenwriter, Jean-Baptiste Delafon, co-creator of the series dark baron with Kad Merad as PS deputy-mayor, he looks back on the genesis of the promises.

LE FIGARO. – What was the impetus for promises?

Thomas KRUITHOF. – I wanted to make a film about courage in politics. I met Jean-Baptiste, who had already worked on a scenario and surveyed suburban mayors. Degraded condominiums, unsanitary housing, slum landlords, all this social fabric was already there. We didn’t want to make a film about the conquest of power but to show the tortuous and chaotic exercise of local politics.

Jean-Baptiste DELAFON. – To imagine Clémence, we did not have a particular model, even if we evoke her profession of doctor before being mayor, as was Claude Dilain, the former mayor of Clichy-sous-Bois, great…

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