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Vaidyanathan Jayaraman

It’s not about the cards you’re dealt, it’s HOW you play them that matters.

A Business degree is a catalyst for a vast range of careers. Over the past decade or so, the BBA program has gone through a radical change to become more practical and relevant. The role of a manager in today’s environment is that of one who can think on the fly, improvise to improve and merge resourcefulness with enterprise. The BBA curriculum opens up a humongous opportunity from a career perspective because it focuses on keeping oneself ready and relevant for the marketplace.

Students build real-world critical thinking skills through unique experiential learning programs, clubs and organizations. A good school of business is where the academic elegance blends with business relevance in which there is a strong emphasis on developing leadership and managerial skills, honing strong analytical skills, understanding and taking a deep dive into business cases or dealing with capital markets ndash; all of which are welcomed with open hands by the Industry because students evolve into business ready managers who are ready to deliver results from day zero.

While the aim of a good B-school is to provide students a first-class undergraduate business education, the learning experience in totality is about so much more. Offering learning opportunities overseas through global immersion courses, competition for funding in a school’s annual business plan competition, work one-on-one with a mentor in the business community, and partner with faculty on a cutting edge research project are all activities that makes the BBA program tremendously worthwhile to pursue and aligns well with the expectations and needs of companies.

The current curriculum is not limited to theoretical concepts but includes practical knowledge via internships and live case studies and projects from the industry exposure. These live projects should be a mandatory and integral part of the curriculum wherein students are typically mentored by the project owner from the company. Additionally, there is a huge thrust to develop story telling skills and support for the overall personality development of a student. The time you spend with the institution is filled with so much learning ndash; a lot of which will happen outside the classroom. The peer group will be a talented set of culturally diverse individuals with varied background. The coursework in turn will bring you in contact with brilliant academicians, industry experts and management gurus around the world.

New Avenues

The recent foray into a major or a degree in Business Analytics, Data Sciences, Supply Chain Operations and FinTech are also welcome additions to the portfolio of offerings for an UG student. The options for success are endless because the current curriculum prepares graduates to either join a MSME, start their own businesses, or climb the ladder of success in high-powered companies.

A business career in consultancy is a popular choice among graduates and involves working as part of a team to provide advice to other companies. Projects and clients may vary widely ensuring plenty of fresh challenges.

Other career paths with a BBA include roles within auditing, banking, communications, hospitality, media and public relations, public sector and defense and risk management.

Over the past few years, there is a high demand for data scientists, digital marketers and product managers. All of this has become critical as doing business online has increased multi-fold.

Last but not the least, top management positions go to global citizens who have gotten a good exposure to understanding many business cultures.

To summarize, pick a business program that offers you an opportunity to understand the dynamic global environment by studying in multiple countries, provides an exposure to the multinational business environment and culture, study international business practices, network with community leaders and work on real-time projects and pursue both internships and full time career opportunities. By taking this route, not only would you become a transformed individual but a Business-ready leader.

The writer is Dean – UG Programs (Sydney, Singapore, Dubai amp; Mumbai), SP Jain School of Global Management

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