They prefer “baggage contractors” to build their homes because of the 60% price

Specialists in the contracting sector estimated that about 60% of the owners of private and residential projects will enter into contracting with “baggage contractors” who are not classified at the expense of the quality, guarantee, and speed of project completion, at the lowest cost compared to the classified contractors. They called for the speedy implementation of the building code, the decision to insure housing units against construction defects, and set controls for the high advisory and supervisory services prices. They called on the competent authorities to intensify field trips to units under construction, especially residential ones, and to penalize contractors dealing with unqualified “baggage contractors”, and to make sure. From implementing the building code and qualifying and training contracting workers. They emphasized the necessity of contracting with a supervising engineering office to follow up the progress of work and ensure the implementation of the project with the highest quality standards.

Former Vice Chairman of the Contracting Committee of the Jeddah Chamber – Eng. Raed Al-Aqili, confirmed that there are no controls for the approval of contractors to build private projects, indicating that 80% of the classified contractors use subcontractors at low prices, taking advantage of the financial difference from the classified contractors, calling on the competent authorities to set controls for the approval of Contractors. He explained that the competitive advantage between the contractor approved for subcontractors is the guarantee against structural defects for a period of 10 years in order to maintain the life span of the project. Contractor Abdullah Al-Saidi called on the Ministry of Municipality, Rural and Housing to intensify field trips to the units under construction and to confirm the contractor classification certificate, and to apply the Saudi Building Code, stressing the need for a supervising engineering office to follow up the workflow to the fullest and ensure quality, and this is what those dealing with the baggage contractors miss Al-Saeedi indicated that the difference lies in the guarantee against structural defects, the efficiency of the technicians and the trained workforce.

Contractor Abdulaziz Menashawi added that 60% of private project owners tend to contract with baggage contractors, due to the low prices and speed of completion, explaining that the application of the residential building code and the decision to insure housing units will contribute to limiting the spread of “trunk contractors” and obliging everyone to contract with Certified contractors to ensure the construction quality of residential buildings and private projects.

The arbitrator and engineering expert, Eng. Saud Al-Dalbahi, indicated that 80% of the owners do not contract with a supervising engineering office to follow up the workflow to the fullest extent to ensure quality in the implementation at various stages and depend on the visit of the engineer after the completion of the project, and Al-Dalbahi called for qualifying and training contracting workers, and conducting the necessary tests To make sure of the worker’s eligibility and specialization, noting that this requirement has been on the table for several years, and it has not been resolved yet, but he added, noting the decision not to bring in engineers from abroad except for those who have worked in the profession for a period of 5 years to ensure efficiency and good performance.

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