The Voice of Success, Lucky Strike, Divorce club … Online movies of the week to see or not

Le Figaro offers you its selection of films released this week online, on VOD or on streaming platforms.

To have

Just kids , drama by Christophe Blanc, 1h43

At what age do you become a responsible adult? For Jack (Kacey Mottet-Klein), it will be 19 years old. After the sudden death of his father, the young man is appointed guardian of his little brother, Mathis (Andrea Maggiulli), 10 years old. The two orphans, who lost their mother a few years earlier, find themselves left to fend for themselves in a world where they will have to create their own landmarks. With Just kids, Christophe Blanc (An outdoor woman, White as snow) signs an intimate drama on mourning and brotherly love.

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>> Available on FILMOTV, CanalVOD, Orange, Univers Ciné and Cinemas on demand from 4.99 euros

Lucky strike , thriller by Yong-hoon Kim, 1h48

Lucky Strike’s compulsive smoker, Tae-young, runs behind a high fashion bag full of tickets. The loot stirs the lusts of a handful of other characters, including a bulky cop, a bloodthirsty mobster, and a sauna worker. Lies, betrayal and murders are on the program of this film with drawers which recalls the Guy Ritchie of the beginnings.

>> Available on Orange, FILMOTV, CanalVOD and Univers Ciné from 4.99 euros

You can see

The Voice of Success , drama by Nisha Ganatra, 1h54

Maggie dreams of becoming a producer but remains the tyrannized assistant to R&B singer Grace Davis. The screenplay finds its spark in the employer-employee duo, full of sorority and cowardice, between Tracee Ellis Ross and Dakota Johnson. A postcard from California welcome to these uncertain times.

>> Available on Orange, CanalVOD and FILMOTV from 9.99 euros

The Mercy of the Jungle , drama by Joël Karekezi, 1h31

In 1998, on the border of Rwanda and Congo, Sergeant Xavier and Private Faustin try to survive in the jungle after losing their battalion. Survivor of the genocide, Joël Karekezi denounces the war with too applied realism.

>> Available on Orange and CanalVOD from 2.99 euros

To avoid

The Marguerite Adventure , comedy by Pierre Coré, 1h26

Marguerite and Margot, 12 years old, each live at a different time, one in 1942 and the other in 2018. Thanks to a magic trunk, they invert their daily lives. Stéphane Kazandjian and Pierre Coré (Sahara) have “freely” adapted The time of the Marguerite, the comic strip by Vincent Cuvellier and Robin (Editions Gallimard Jeunesse, Hors Série Giboulées, 2009). The idea is pretty, but the processing lacks finesse and the distribution is uneven.

>> Available on CanalVOD, Orange and Univers Ciné from 9.99 euros

Avoid urgently

Divorce club , comedy by Michaël Youn, 1h48

Benjamin Biolay, Audrey Fleurot, François Xavier-Demaison… What did they come to do in this mess? Apart from sealing, we do not see. Yet they had been told that the rating of French comedy was at its lowest, lost somewhere between Toto’s jokes and Ducobu 3. How did they not feel the scam in this film by and with Michaël Youn. A very bad low-level trip in which Arnaud Ducret (Ben) plays the service cuckolds with cocker spaniel eyes and two unique facial expressions. Everyone has their own business. For the story, it is summed up in the two words of the title. Divorced people form a club. They bury their married life there and all the hopes of making us laugh. It becomes embarrassing, until a final and useless MMA fight. One more humiliation for Ben. One humiliation too much …

>> Available on Orange, FILMOTV, CanalVOD and Univers Ciné from 9.99 euros

We can see too

Miss Revolution , drama by Philippa Lowthorpe, 1h46

In the late 60s, the Miss World pageant was watched by millions of spectators. In 1970, the Women’s Liberation Movement entered the competition directly. This intervention will forever disrupt the course of Miss World history.

>> Available on Canal +

Connected , comic thriller by Romuald Boulanger, 1h25

One Saturday evening during confinement, a group of very good friends go online to share a virtual aperitif. Suddenly, one of them is assaulted and kidnapped live by a stranger in front of his friends who are watching the scene, powerless behind their screens. They will not be long in discovering that this mysterious stranger knows perfectly all their worst secrets, which he intends to bring to light one after the other.

>> Available on Amazon Prime Video

Mafia Inc. , drama by Daniel Grou, 2h15

The story of the Gamache family, tailors from father to son in Montreal, who have been dressing the Paternò mafia family for three generations. Their children come from the same neighborhood, the same schools. Vincent “Vince” Gamache works on behalf of the godfather Frank Paternò, among others. Vince, reckless and impetuous, one day puts on a big blow to impress the godfather …

>> Available on Orange and CanalVOD from 11.99 euros

My ninja and me , animated film by Anders Matthesen and Thorbjørn Christoffersen, 1h21

Young Alex, a 5th year student, lives in a blended family. For his birthday, he receives from his eccentric uncle, back from Thailand, a Ninja doll dressed in a strange checkered fabric. Alex discovers that the toy comes alive and that he talks! The Ninja offers Alex a secret pact: he helps him become stronger to face his fears and not be intimidated at home or at school. In exchange, Alex must help him accomplish a mysterious mission … This alliance made of friendship, courage and humor will forever transform these two improbable companions.

>> Available on Orange, CanalVOD and Univers Ciné from 9.99 euros

Jingle Jangle: An Enchanted Christmas , family film by David E. Talbert, 2:02

Jeronicus Jangle is a great inventor and maker of toys but has lost all confidence in himself and his inventions. A second chance is offered to him; a new magical invention. His granddaughter is due to come see him during the Christmas holidays. Jeronicus will do everything to make his new creation work for the arrival of the latter.

>> Available on Netflix


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