The UAE announces the arrival of the Hope Probe to Mars orbit

The United Arab Emirates succeeded in placing the Emirati “Hope Probe” in the orbit of Mars, thus becoming the first Arab country to reach the “Red Planet.” “To the people of the UAE, to the Arab and Islamic nation, we announce the success of the UAE’s access to the orbit of the Red Planet,” said Imran Sharaf, director of the Emirates Project for Exploration of Mars.

This achievement makes the UAE the fifth country to reach Mars, and the probe will allow the start of sending data on the atmosphere and climate there. The “Mars Program” comes within the framework of the UAE’s efforts to develop its scientific and technological capabilities, as the Emirates Space Agency has an ambitious plan to build a settlement on Mars by 2117. It is noteworthy that with the “Hope Probe” entering the capture orbit around Mars, its speed begins to slow itself down from 121 to 18 thousand Only kilometers per hour in 27 minutes is known as the “27-minute blind spot”, using the six “Delta V” inverters installed on the probe.

During these “blind minutes”, “the Hope Probe” handles all challenges in an autonomous way, as the contact with the ground station control center in Al Khawaneej in Dubai is late.

The decisive moment came when the ground station team in Al Khawaneej was able to receive the signal from the probe as soon as it passed the 27 blind minutes, marking the announcement of the mission’s success at this stage. It takes about 20 minutes to receive radio signals from Mars to Earth. To overcome this challenge, the Hope Probe was designed in such a way that it can complete the capture process automatically without the need for control from the earth station.

The “Hope Probe” is scheduled to remain in its orbit around Mars for two years, or a “Martian year”, during which it will study everything related to the weather of the “Red Planet”, with the help of three advanced scientific instruments: the infrared spectroscope – the ultraviolet spectroscope. – HD digital exploration camera.


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