The two young programmers are implementing a program about my school competition

Al-Haqla Elementary School implemented a training program targeting its students entitled “My School Programming” which was implemented by the two young programmers, Attia Ibrahim Najmi and Saud Abdullah Najmi, via Thames, in the presence of the Director of the Samtah Education Office, Abdul Razzaq bin Muhammad Al-Sumaili, who emphasized the importance of the role of the My School Programming Competition in creating a programming culture. And creativity, innovation and digital transformation in line with modern educational trends, adding that it prepares students for local and international competition and entering the global knowledge system to achieve sustainable national development.

Al-Sumaili praised the young programmers, urging students to activate the My School competition, which is programmed to achieve one of the main pillars of Vision 2030 in promoting the culture of computer software and employing it in developing students’ skills and consolidating the concept of transformation into a digital knowledge society and in fulfilling the wise leadership’s aspirations from this strategic direction by adopting the concept of knowledge. Digital.

The leader of Al-Haqla Elementary School, Mr. Ali Yaqoub Najmi, stated that the program that coincided with the global event of Hour of Code targeted 219 students, offering his thanks and appreciation to the Director of the Samtah Education Office for his keenness to attend the program and his constant encouragement for his students to compete and excel, praising the efforts of The coordinator of the Hour of Code at the school, Mr. Sultan Hamdi


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