The trial of a woman who killed a man who raped her and pushed her into prostitution

Today, the trial of a forty-year-old woman began, who killed the man suspected of having tortured her for 25 years. Domestic violence.

With the start of the trial of Valerie Baku in the “Saône-et-Loire” in central France, about 600,000 people signed a petition, demanding the release of the woman who spoke of the hell she suffered in a book called “Everyone Knew”. Paco, when she was 35, killed her husband, Danielle Polit, 61, on March 13, 2016. With the help of two of her children, she buried the body in the woods, but was arrested after being reported in October 2017, and immediately confessed, explaining that she had committed Paulette was killed after 25 years of torment.

At the age of twelve, she was raped by Paulette, who was then her mother’s lover, and the man was sentenced and imprisoned in 1995, however, after his release in 1997, he was allowed to return to the family home, to tell “Valerie”, in her book that He published last month, that “everything is back again as it was before.”

When she became pregnant at the age of seventeen, her mother kicked her out of the house, so she had no choice but to stay with Danny, but the alcoholic beat her daily and forced her into prostitution in the back seat of his car.

“I was constantly afraid,” she wrote, revealing that she had thought “a thousand times about running away,” but was afraid she would not be able to escape from her abusive husband, who regularly threatened her with a gun. When her daughter (Carlene), who was 14, told her that her father had asked her about her sexuality, she was afraid that he would meet her same fate. On March 13, 2016, after having sex with a customer in the back seat of the car, she took the gun. who was kept in the car by her husband, and shot him in the neck from behind. Although the use of a self-defense argument in court is not possible, because Paulette was driving and turning his back on his wife, the two defense attorneys for Baku will focus on the “extreme violence she has endured for nearly 25 years, and her fear that it will continue with her daughter.”


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