The tom-tom of good family news

It’s crazy what we can share between brothers and sisters, between parents and children! With us, the latest news to have circulated and sparked exchanges are the points lost by one of us on his driving license. The misadventure could happen to everyone, normal that it leads to reactions. And then, a family is made to listen and sometimes console.

But all the same in existence, there is not only bad news, not only lost points. The messages between us reflect this moreover, which most often take an optimistic and benevolent look at the events, large and small, of family life. Since it is a question of car, the memory comes to me precisely of these moments when the children passed the license. One of them picked it up? Immediately, whether it was the eldest or the youngest, his success took on the dimension of a collective success. It was the same, of course, at the time of the baccalaureate, exams and competitions, or even the first accommodation – each living vicariously, via the family drum, the major stages of the others.

For many years already, the children have founded their family, putting themselves in a way on their own. But the habit has not been lost: everyone remains attentive to what the brothers and sisters are going through, like the nephews and nieces. Everyone thinks of each other very strongly, always ready to join in the happiness of the other.

We do not necessarily take care of it but, on reflection, the opportunities to rejoice are not lacking. With the birth of grandchildren, and as they in turn grow, the horizon widens even more. There were the first steps of the first granddaughter. The first entry into sixth grade. The first scout camp.

Each year brings its share of good news to share. Such a grandson has just been elected to the governing board of his school. One of his cousins, 300 km away, is also in his college. Well done ! The grandparents, of course, will remember to claim the poster that the two candidates had put together for their respective campaigns.

This good news, relayed by telephone or SMS, sometimes comes close to nothing. But sharing them attests that the daily life of children and grandchildren, even in its most modest form, is not indifferent to us, despite the distance or the passage of time. They do good to the one who transmits them, to the one who listens to them and asks for them.

The other day, a lady and her granddaughter walked in front of me. I saw them suddenly stop in the middle of the sidewalk. I did not understand what they were talking about together but the conversation, obviously, filled the grandmother with happiness. I saw her hugging her granddaughter, and heard her whispering: “I’m proud of you, you know! » As we are, we too are so often, receiving these little quick bits of family life.

We must all be wished a lot, to all of us, in this new year.


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