The third installment of Fantastic Beasts does not captivate the American box office

Dumbledore’s secrets raises $43 million and loses a third of the franchise’s sorcerer’s apprentices, casting doubt on the future of the saga.

The spell wasn’t strong enough. The third part of fantastic animals, the saga derived from the Harry Potter universe, raised only $43 million at the American box office. A harvest down by a third compared to the previous film in the franchise, while The Secrets of Dumbledore cost Warner the tidy budget of 200 million dollars.

For comparison, the first film Fantastic Beasts started at $74.4 million and the next The crimes of Grindelwald at $62.2 million.

The power of attraction of fantastic animals which takes place 70 years before the adventures of Ron, Harry and Hermione at Hogwarts has never been that of Harry Potter. The controversies around JK Rowling’s transgender positions, the dismissal of Johnny Depp replaced by the charismatic Mads Mikkelsen have weakened the genesis of Dumbledore’s Secrets which must also face the reality of an anemic post-covid box office except for superheroes Spiderman and The Batman.

Uncertainties about the continuation of the saga

The career of Dumbledore’s Secrets is better internationally where David Yates’ film collected 71 million. This allows the feature film with Jude Law and Eddie Redmayne, which launched in certain territories last week, to total $ 193 million.

Will this be enough to convince Warner not to deviate from course? Co-screenwriter, JK Rowling imagined five parts. But according to the specialized press, Warner has not yet validated the principle of a fourth film or encouraged Rowling to work on a screenplay. The studio, which has pushed for a refocusing of the franchise on familiar figures like Dumbledore at the expense of new characters, wouldn’t rule out stopping with Secrets of Dumbledore.

The other major release this weekend, Sony’s religious drama Father Stu , starring and produced by Mark Wahlberg who personally financed the film, also struggled to find its audience and grossed just $8 million from 2,705 screens. The film by Rosalind Ross, the partner of the controversial Mel Gibson who returns to the cameras, tells the story of boxer father turned priest Stuart Long and his struggle for redemption.

Rear Fantastic Beasts slips onto the second step of the podium following the adventures of sonic the hedgehog, with 30 million dollars. The mix of action and romantic comedy The secret of the lost city, starring Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum, takes third place with $6.5 million for a total of $78.5 million. Big expectation from independent film lovers, the fantastic feature film Everything Everywhere All At Oncewhere Michelle Yeoh shines, sold out with $6.1 million on 2,220 screens and racked up $17.6 million.


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