The success of Vision 2030 in reducing deficit and unemployment and developing industry

The Kingdom confirmed the success of Vision 2030 in reducing the fiscal deficit, reducing unemployment, improving financial sustainability and developing the national industry. This came in a Saudi statement during the discussion of the Economic and Financial Committee at the United Nations General Assembly at its 76th session on item No. 20 “Sustainable Development”, delivered by the Chairperson of the Economic and Financial Committee In the Kingdom’s permanent delegation to the United Nations, Reem bint Fahd Al-Omair.

She pointed out that what our world has experienced in the last two years of the spread of a global pandemic has caused many human losses and economic damage, and it will require standing together in the face of challenges and difficulties to continue working to achieve sustainable development for all and to ensure that no one is left behind.

She noted that the vision contributed to economic growth, diversifying non-oil sources of income, and benefiting from renewable energy production. Improving financial sustainability, developing the national industry, developing human capabilities, and plans that contributed to improving various sectors, including, but not limited to, the health, tourism and entertainment sectors.

Al-Omair said: The ambitious vision has made long strides to achieve achievements and a lot of progress represented in strengthening the infrastructure, reducing unemployment and disability rates, and achieving comprehensive economic and social growth. She stressed that the Kingdom shares the countries of the world in the challenges it faces in achieving sustainable development goals, and believes that strengthening International cooperation is a vital requirement to address the challenges of the pandemic, and I reiterated that the Kingdom has supported global efforts with an amount of $500 million to address the pandemic to recover from its effects, and has worked tirelessly to enhance the stability and stability of global oil markets during the pandemic, and indicated the launch of many projects aimed at increasing production The Kingdom also announced the launch of the Green Saudi Initiatives and the Green Middle East Initiative, which will contribute to achieving global targets to combat climate change.

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