The success of folded iPhones

Two prototypes of foldable iPhones have passed internal testing to ensure durability, according to Taiwan’s Economic Daily News.

Tests of the Apple-designed foldable hinge system for two different iPhones have recently been completed at Foxconn’s factory in China.

Double screen

The first foldable phone, which is undergoing testing, is said to be a dual-screen model like the Galaxy Fold, and it is likely that it is the same dual-screen prototype around which rumors appeared in June 2020.

Rumors released at the time indicated that this model used two separate screens, but they were connected by a hinge.

Connected screen

Although this iPhone prototype features two separate screens but they are connected by a hinge, the leaks have claimed that the screens appear connected and somewhat smooth.

It is also reported that Apple has patented a device that includes two separate screens that can be combined together, to create a single, foldable device with a hinge.

The second foldable iPhone that is undergoing testing is said to be a clamshell foldable phone like the Galaxy Z Flip.

A report claims that this clamshell model uses Samsung’s flexible OLED screen.

Previous reports also mentioned that Apple had requested a large number of foldable mobile phone screen samples from Samsung, for testing purposes earlier in 2020.

He claims that what was tested were not finished phones but rather test units with very limited internal parts rather than fully functioning devices with screens.


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