The storyteller is kidnapped by death

Moved to the mercy of God the different writer Abdullah bin Hakam bin Hassan Bakhshwain, the impact of his exposure to a health symptom that did not take long. The deceased was born in the Taif governorate in the region of Makkah Al-Mukarramah in 1372 AH / 1952 AD. And he had finished his primary education stages in Taif. He is a storyteller, novelist, writer, and journalist. He has published many of his writings in the local and Arab press.

Abdullah Hakam Bakhshwain was known, narrating the beginning of the seventies AD in a creative stream different from the traditional story involving Asma Abdullah Al-Salmi, Sulaiman Sindi, Fahd Al-Khalili and Jabir Al-Milihan, who were closely related to the experiences of Sabaa Othman and Hussein Ali Hussein, according to the critic Faiz Aba, who was called Bakhshwain during the time. In 1998, he released his other group, Al-Nagri, the title of Hakawati, in addition to his work in journalism, as one of the first creative people to devote themselves to journalism and at an early age. Due to the fact that it is no longer able to distinguish between the world of imagination and illusion and the world of reality, and I have nothing to do with it for me, his third collection issued last year by the Arab Science House Publishers in Beirut and the Jazan Literary Club, the Ministry of Culture and Information Book Prize for the year 1434-2013, which is awarded to ten winning books during The opening of the Riyadh International Book Fair.

Published: 1 – The Party – Stories – 1405 AH / 1985 AD.

2- Al-Nughari – Stories – 1419 AH / 1998 AD.

3- I have nothing to do with me – stories – 1433 AH / 2012 AD.

4- Sultan of Sultanah – Novel – 2013 AD.


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